Choosing your Managed Quarantine or COVID-19 Test Kit package

Which travel rules apply to you?

Before you make a booking on CTM, please ensure that you are familiar with the travel rules that apply to you, as these determine the package you need to buy.

For Hotel Managed Quarantine, these rules are defined by the UK country you arrive in.

For Test Kit Packages, these rules are defined by the UK country that you will be staying in when you are taking your test(s). Please check if you qualify as Fully Vaccinated.

Check the travel rules for:

If you're arriving from a red list country

If you have been in a country or area on the red list of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland in the 10 days before you arrive in the UK, you'll need to book a 10 day (11 night) hotel managed quarantine package, even if you are fully vaccinated.

You must book your hotel managed quarantine package in the UK country you arrive in, even if you're planning to travel on to another UK country.

Book a hotel managed quarantine package if you're arriving in:

Transfers to Managed Hotel Quarantine:

Irrespective of the port of arrival into the UK, you will be transferred to managed hotel quarantine locations as follows:

  • For England - London Area MQS Facilities
  • For Scotland - Edinburgh Airport
  • For Northern Ireland - Antrim

A small number of people travelling from red list countries are exempt from hotel managed quarantine. Some of these exemptions may need you to buy and take 2 COVID-19 PCR tests.

Please ensure you are exempt from hotel managed quarantine before purchasing your test kit package.

Check the exemption rules for England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland as appropriate.

If you’re arriving from a country that is not on the red list

COVID-19 Test Kit Packages

For COVID-19 Test Kit Packages, these rules are defined by the UK country that you will be staying in when you are taking your test(s).

You can no longer book travel COVID-19 test packages with CTM. If travelling to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland alternative Covid-19 test providers can be found here

The replacement NHS provider will be listed as NHS UKHSA.

If you require to cancel or change a test package booked with CTM prior to 30th November 2021 please complete the form on the following link: Quarantine Refund Form.

This is the only method by which a cancellation or amendment can be requested and processed.

Are you facing financial hardship and unable to pay immediately?

If you are a UK resident or an individual with residency rights (for example, international students who possess a student visa), and would suffer severe financial hardship by paying the full cost of your managed quarantine or testing fees before you travel, hardship arrangements may be available to you.

For English, Welsh or Northern Ireland residents: You can find guidance on the hardship scheme, including details of the support available and eligibility criteria here.

For Scottish residents, see guidance here.

Please note that you must apply for hardship arrangements 14 days before travel. If you do not apply for hardship arrangements more than 14 days before you're due to arrive, this could mean that your application will not be processed in time and you will be unable to travel unless you book and pay for your managed quarantine or test package. Please follow this link to apply.

Do you need help to make your booking?

You can contact CTM directly:

Corporate Travel Management (United Kingdom) Ltd, Registered Number GB 2229894 Registered Office: 85 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4AB